Certified Management Accountant/Trainer/Facilitator/Profit,Cash Flow Cost & Efficiency Consultant

I am passionate about cost control ,risk management efficiency improvement, cash flow management, internal controls, improving performance & processes and entrepreneurship

I have over 15 years of diverse experience in industries ranging from Insurance, Health, Hospitality and Food Service in addition to working with Frist Nations. I also understand the importance of adhering to regulations having worked as an Election Financial Agent and being a Board Member of a Chamber of Commerce.

I continue to help a major growing Fast Food Service client experience reduced waste, improved cost control and cash flow management despite battling fixed prices and economic downturn. Implementing relevant systems and listening to management to ensure teamwork has been pivotal in this process.

I have also automated and improved (70% increased efficiency) the Capital Budgeting process in addition to improved reporting for Project and Cash Flow Management for a Government Health Authority.